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The Mirror Ball

Is there something we need to see, in these mirror years?…


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#talkingpeace “In this new paradigm of peace, there are many contributors,” Phil Vernon explains… “Most of the work has to be done by people who don’t see themselves as peace builders, such as the artists here.”   ART4PEACE London


Strangers “A girl’s long hair can touch my face when she swings her head, I can smell the fragrance of the shampoo she used. Perhaps the distance between my face and a stranger’s face is no more than 20cm, in these conditions people won’t look at you… or even give you a quick glance. So, between myself and strangers, we have physical contact, but in our hearts, we are living on different planets.”   Beijing Street Photographer Jiwei Han
We think
We are… we think..!
letting go

Photography credits:

All photos Jac Depczyk and Ali Lochhead unless otherwise credited (we’ve been busy!)

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